About Us

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When talking about RCE there are lots of things we could tell you. The fast and factual details are:

RCE Consultants, Inc. is a civil engineering firm specializing in engineering design for public agencies as well as private clients throughout the western United States and internationally. Started by two civil engineers, who combined have over 60 years experience, the company is built on the strong foundation of their collective knowledge.

And now that you’ve read that, here’s what you should really know about RCE.   We thrive on being different in our approach to engineering projects. Our industry is thick with codes, ordinances, regulations and bureaucratic finagling.   We do that, because it’s part of what makes a project happen.   But what makes a project GREAT is when we ignore the expected and let creativity guide the process.   That creativity starts with some fundamental questions at the beginning of each project.

  • How will our work best build the value of your investment?
  • How will we enhance the beauty and functionality of a project site?
  • What will balance the needs of project stakeholders, jurisdictions and eventual end-users so that they unite in excitement?

Once we answer these, we have a vision to guide us. Then we dive into all the site surveys, geological and environmental research, and stacks of plans. We respect what’s written, but also know successful businesses prosper by finding new solutions. It’s that blend of experience and innovation that fulfills the vision of delivering a project that leaves the site better for everyone than when we started.


RCE provides a full spectrum of civil engineering services. These are the areas of expertise our team of professionals have gained in years of hands-on experience. Of course our greatest service is exactly that, SERVICE. Taking care of things so our clients can focus on their core business while knowing we’ll meet and enhance their engineering needs.

Land Development

  • Due Diligence/Feasibility
  • Commercial/Institutional
  • Entitlement and Permitting
  • Survey and Mapping
  • Golf Courses
  • Master Planned Communities
  • Second Home Resort Communities

Public Works

  • Water transmission and distribution systems
  • Utility master planning
  • Well design
  • Pump station design
  • Reservoir design
  • Sewer collection systems
  • Lift station design
  • RO treatment design
  • Local roadways
  • Redevelopment/urban infill