BIGHORN is a golf resort and private home community nestled in the Santa Rosa hills overlooking the desert communities of the Palm Springs area. Its fabled climate boasts averages of 360 days of sun each year, and less than 6” of rainfall.

But that rain can fall quickly when summer monsoons drift up from Mexico, or a particularly nasty winter storm barrels down from Alaska. Combine heavy rainfall with run-off from the parched desert mountains, and water can surge through the resort within minutes.

RCE Consultants has a long-term relationship with the management of BIGHORN, and has been instrumental in helping build and enhance its elite reputation.

The challenge presented to RCE was to integrate a storm drainage system that protected the value of BIGHORN, the homes, golf courses, and resort amenities without the unsightly concrete channels and man-made barricades which would conflict with the pristine desert environment. The solution was to study the way storms and run-off behaved – to use the power of nature to enhance the existing beauty of the resort.

The result was an interconnected series of catchment basins, re-naturalized streams, and underground drainage channels. The catchment basins were woven into the community as a combination of architectural features and natural elements, seamlessly integrated into the surroundings so that they became signature design features – while also providing the advanced protection a community of this caliber requires.

Now when the rare rainstorm does occur, the most pressing worry for residents is getting from the golf course to the clubhouse without getting too wet – not even considering how the RCE’s engineered solutions are safely catching rain water, run-off, and debris and moving it efficiently and safely through the resort area.